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  • Mediation Works!

    Merrimack Mediation

    An impartial mediator helps avoid bitterness & regret with an equitable agreement.

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  • Mediation is Fast

    Merrimack Mediation

    Mediation is faster than litigation and the results are supported by both spouses.

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  • Mediation Costs Less

    Merrimack Mediation

    Eliminate the emotional & financial cost that comes with divorce litigation.

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Get better, faster, more affordable results with Divorce Mediation. Ensure the most positive, equitable outcome for both spouses.

Why Divorce Mediation Works

Privacy, durability, & speed.

A trained, impartial divorce mediator is a neutral facilitator who helps spouses structure their divorce without the financial and emotional cost of a confrontational, litigated divorce.

Mediated divorces are also private – all information is kept confidential. In litigation, everything becomes part of the public record, including personal matters.

When the couple is directly involved with creating the terms of the divorce themselves, the agreement is more durable, and results in less bitterness, creating a more stable relationship between the spouses, which greatly benefits their children.

Is divorce mediation right for you?

Working With Roland Turmaine

Experienced, impartial, & approachable.

Not just any mediator will do - it takes an experienced attorney to maximize the benefits that can be derived from the legal system. I have been practicing family law for more than 30 years and have created hundreds of separation agreements for couples.

I bring more than 15 years of Divorce Mediation experience to each case, and actually enjoy the meditation process. My natural communication and motivational skills help ensure my clients arrive at a mutually agreeable separation.

I am also a member of the North Shore Mediators Group and the Mediator Education and Support Group.

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